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Extraordinary shareholders meeting of FFB AD Podgorica

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 36, of the Company Law (“Official Gazette of RM, no. 6/02, 17/07, 80/08, 40/10, 36/11, 40/11), and Decision of Board of Directors to convene regular shareholders meeting of Fitz F Bank AD Podgorica, it is hereby convened EXTRAORDINARY SHAREHOLDERS MEETING
OF FITZ F BANK AD PODGORICA Meeting will be held on 03.09.2016 (Saturday) at the Banks Headquarters. Address: ul. Stanka Dragojevica bb, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro, starting at 11.00 am, with following agenda: 1. Deliberation and adoption of the Banks Annual Business operations report with the Report of independent external Auditor for the year of 2015  ;
2.  Deliberation and adoption of the Decision on remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors of FITZ F Bank AD Podgorica ;
3. Review of the proposal and adoption of Decisions on the selection of external auditor for external audit activities for 2016 Fitz F Bank AD Podgorica;”
4. Miscellaneous Decision on all items of the agenda are reached by the majority vote of present or properly represented shareholders or by voting ballots,  under the condition that at the Shareholders meeting are present shareholders who own more than half of all number of shares with voting rights (8.001.000 of shares from total number of  16.002.000 with voting rights ). All shares of Fitz F Bank are ordinary shares and each share provides one right to one vote. Shareholders have the right to appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf at the Shareholders meeting or to perform other duties. Signature on the power-of-attorney letter has to be certified in accordance with the law. Power of attorney letter can be revoked, and it will be considered to be revoked if shareholder latter provide next power of attorney letter or if he personally votes at the Shareholders meeting. Shareholders can obtain right to vote without being present at the shareholders meeting, by submitting filed out ballot sheet, to the address: ul. Stanka Dragojevica bb, Podgorica, no later than 09:00 am on the day when Shareholders meeting is to be convened. Signature of shareholder or a proxy on a ballot sheet has to be certified in accordance with Law. Only properly filled and duly submitted ballot sheet will be taken in to consideration when determining the voting results. Shareholders can obtain additional information, have an insight in documents for the meeting and proposal of the decision at the headquarters of the Fitz F Bank AD Podgorica and by calling +382 20 481 414, every business  day 8,00 – 16,00 h. Information on Shareholders assembly, power of attorneys.